Kitchen Resident 31st July-6th August: Crafty Pies

31 Jul 2017 – 06 Aug 2017

Taking over our kitchen from Monday 31st July for ONE WEEK ONLY, will be chef Jay Greenwood & his Crafty Pies. Launched in 2016 to bring some excitement & variety into the wold of pies, Crafty Pies have been making waves ever since trading at various street food markets & catering for private events. It is now time to bring the concept indoors & see what the discerning folk of Clapham think about the pie revolution. In his own words:

“I am Jay Greenwood & a year ago I set out on a mission to get people excited about pies again, & that is how Crafty Pies was born.

What does it say that when we think of pies all we can think about it Steak & Ale & Chicken and Mushroom? We refuse to accept that’s the best a pie can be. We at Crafty Pies are all about creating bold outlandish pies that are going to give people something to talk about. All we know is pies, & it’s the only thing we want to know.

We believe in big flavours & exciting choices. We move beyond convention & create something distinctive. This is our stand to move on from the norm & say yes to Crafty Pies.”

TW: @craftypies  |  INSTA: @craftypies  | FB: @craftypies

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